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Encompassing a wide range of industries and occupations, the human resources services offered by ManpowerGroup provide new solutions to many companies in response to working styles that are continually changing with the times.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing can be used for a wide variety of objectives and scenarios: to provide work-ready staff, to meet sudden requirements for extra staff, to secure specialists and to increase efficiency or reduce costs in various operations. It can move your business forward and help your company to grow. Our temporary staffing provides special features, including high-quality human resources, a legal compliance-based ethos and insights that help solve client’s challenges.

Temp-to-Perm Staffing

Temp-to-Perm staffing is a form of employment that has the advantages of both temporary staffing and permanent placement. After an employee has worked as a temporary employee for a certain period of time, the employee can, with the agreement of the company, become a permanent or contract employee of the company; this not only prevents mismatches in recruitment and raises the retention rate, but also helps make your organization more competitive.

Permanent Placement

We meet a variety of needs ranging from a targeted placement in which we find appropriate human resources to particular sections to securing staff for a new department. By providing professional human resources, we accelerate your company's business strategy, and help build an organization that can compete in the business environment of the next generation through the provision of every kind of placement service, including consultations both in Japan and overseas.


Our dedicated BPO team with its high level of experience in the HR business provides strategic methods for bolstering your company's competitiveness.

Project Expert Staffing

We provide support for maintaining optimal organizational structure through assigning the temporary project experts in cases where expert staff is needed urgently, such as fill-in and support needed for fixed period in a project organization, during the development of a new business, or the sudden resignation of an employee.

IT Consulting

We provide skilled engineers and project teams from Japan and overseas. We draw upon our expertise and experience to make your company's IT operations and business a success, with services covering everything from the dispatch of a single engineer to providing IT consulting. We make use of a problem-solving approach to meet a wide range of client needs in the optimal way.


Outplacement services provide support when employees resign by making use of early retirement packages and other systems; these services include consulting for personnel officers when carrying out operations, and support to help employees who are leaving to find new careers. We make full use of our high levels of expertise to ensure that transferees and personnel officers are able to feel confident as they progress to the next stage.

Organization and Personnel Consulting

We recommend HR strategies to raise the value of your human resources and invigorate your organization or company. We provide solutions matched to clients’ needs, no matter how small the issue, in every type of scenario. We provide clients with solutions that are directly connected to personal and company growth.

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